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I am Dr Zoe Manning, I decided to become an equine dental vet because I care about the welfare of horses, and the prevention of disease and development of behavioural problems in equines. I have had additional training in equine dentistry since becoming a qualified veterinarian. And I am a member of Equine Dental Vets and Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA).

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I am Zoe Manning, I chose to become an equine dental vet because I genuinely care about the welfare of horses and believe in the prevention of diseases and behavioral problems in these magnificent creatures. With additional training in equine dentistry and memberships in Equine Dental Vets and Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA), I bring a wealth of expertise to ensure your horse receives the best care possible.

At our practice, we are committed to delivering exceptional equine dental care while prioritizing the well-being and comfort of your beloved horse. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and give your horse the gift of a healthy, radiant smile.


From Vaccinations to Dental Care, we've got you covered.


We provide top-notch horse vaccination service that will last. Protecting your noble steed, ensuring their sound health. With our expertise and care, we safeguard their well-being and health.

Dental examinations

Our dental examination services encompass comprehensive assessments of your horse's teeth, gums, and oral structures to identify and address any dental issues or abnormalities.


Secure your horse's identity with microchipping precision. Providing peace of mind and easy identification with every decision.


Our radiograph services utilize advanced imaging technology to capture high-quality images, enabling precise evaluation of dental problems and guiding appropriate dental interventions.

Pentosan Injections

Revitalize your horse's joints with Pentosan injections so pure. Restoring mobility and comfort, ensuring their agility will endure.

Call us at 0448 882 643 to schedule your appointment or request your appointment online and we will call you to confirm your requested date and time!